Rules and Regulations

Basic rules

  • A Run and Bike is played in teams of two. Team members should never be more than 20 m apart (except for safety requirements). 
  • When a team gives up, it must infrom the organisers as soon as possible
  • Biking or VTT with electric assistance (VAE) are forbidden.
  • Respect gender diversity. Men and women compete in the same races. Teams can be made up of men, women or mixed.
  • There is no age class in a Run and Bike competition. We focus on the experience and sharing something together rather than the place in a particular age class.
  • If needed, teams must help other teams when required. Our spirit of solidarity goes beyond simple team spirit, to transcend the notion of this as just a race.
  • The minimum age for participation in a Run and Bike is 12 years for promotion events, 16 years for medium distance (10 km to 20 km) and 18 years for long distance events (more than 20 km).
  • Please respect the environment: it is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish or leave equipment on the track.
  • No external assistance is allowed during the race (Included food, beverage, clothes, …)
  • Competitors must be aware that, as part of the competition philosophy, Run and Bike is not refereed. In case of disputes, an amicable settlement should take place. 
  • Participants must be aware of, and strictly adhere to, the rules and regulations. They commit to it during registration.
  • To avoid clashes, only runners will start for a distance of +/- 1 km before finding their teammates on the course.
  • It is strictly forbidden to be two on the VTT. The sanction will be the disqualification of the team.
  • Relay changes can be made to the rider's choice. During these relays, the MTB will serve as a witness and can not be placed on the ground.
  • Both team members must cross the finish line together. Race time will be taken when the runner walks on this line.
  • The VTT or MTB used must be in good working order. In case of accident the responsibility of the team will be engaged.


Trial categories

  • S, Promotion: Race inferior at 10 km. 
  • M, Moyenne distance: Race between 10 et 20 km. 
  • L, Long distance: Race over 20 km. 


Compulsory equipment


Provided by the organiser :

  • 2 number signs (bibs) 
  • 1 chip (time measurement)

Every participant must be in possession of the following equipment during the whole trial :

  • An VTT or VTC in good working order (Brake, tires, ...)
  • A helmet for the one who is on the bike
  • Equipment for repairing a tire.



A protest can be made verbally to the official, who will make a decision in the spirit of Run and Bike.