The run and bike or the combination of legs and wheels: it is about forming a team of two and taking a mountain bike with you. The team is made up of one person running and another pedalling. Throughout a nature trail, the team can choose when they alternate running and riding. The team mates must never be separated by more than 20 m and must cross the finish line together. Alternating running / riding is recommended, but not required.

It is forbidden to throw rubbish on the ground. The organisation is uncompromising about this. A team seen throwing anything on the ground will be disqualified. Various means will be put in place such as the use of reusable cups on the main site and on the aid stations, green patrols (before, during and after the race), waste collection areas, promotion of carpooling, ... This is designed to make this race as green as possible with a target of zero impact on the environment. 

Our core values:

  • Solidarity : among team members and different teams
  • Respect : For yourself, others and environment
  • Cooperation : between team members and teams
  • Responsibility : self-refereeing by the competitors