I do not have a partner, how can I find one?

As part of the race, we emphasise security, mutual assistance and sharing
To find a race partner we suggest you post your request on the event's facebook page.

Why is the cost for a Run and Bike higher than for a Trail ?

The fee at the start of registration is between €4 and €20 per person, depending on the chosen distance (between 00:30 and 3:00 hours of competition).
With this registration fee we need to cover the following costs :

  • Fees related to the occupation of the site
  • We must meet the demands of local authorities to ensure maximum security.
  • Equipment including: Medical staff, radios, insurances.
  • On the track we will have several chrono checkpoints (mats), to be able to better follow you and analyse your performance
  • A total of 4 aid stations
  • We have decided to give a little compensation to the volunteers who will dedicate their time to your entertainment. They are going to work before, during and after this Run and Bike
  • Le jour de la course, vous recevrez : un ticket boisson, un autocollant « ecorunandbike.be » et une surprise régionale.

What happens if I cannot attend due to an injury or other impediment?

You can resell your registration to another team. If you got a discount, they will be happy to enjoy it.
Or we can refund the total cost if you cancel at least 15 days before the event, provided you registered between 01/09/19 and 11/09/19
After this deadline of 15 days, no refund will be provided.
The refund will be processed the week after the event.

Should we wear a helmet during the race?

Wearing the helmet is not mandatory. But we strongly recommend that you wear one. One helmet per team may be enough. Just swap it every time you are on the VTT or VTC.